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Physical Therapy
E.M Therapeutics is an outpatient Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation practice with locations in Beverly Hills, and Encino. The practice was established 28 years ago and is owned and operated by Physical Therapists.

E.M Therapeutics deals with many aspects of Orthopedic Rehabilitation, spine and disc abnormalities, chronic pain, and sports and other traumatic injuries.

Our clinics are all Medicare approved and our therapists are very familiar with the treatment of geriatric disorders, especially arthritis, spinal stenosis, myalgia, and podiatric disorders.

In order to achieve your rehabilitation goals, we use a variety of Procedures, (therapeutic exercises, balance, and gait training, joint mobilization, soft tissue massage and therapeutic massage). Modalities, (cold and heat applications, ultra-sound, electrical stimulation, traction, whirlpool), and home exercise programs. All
of our clinics have a fully equipped gym.

We welcome liens, and we accept most insurance and P.P.O. programs.

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