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Back pain is the most frequent medical complaint in America next to the common cold, and it costs us $60 billion annually in medical expenses and lost productivity. Physical therapy is one of the effective options for treating back disorders and preventing its recurrence.
The back functions as the central link of a kinetic chain that includes the head, jaw, neck, upper back, shoulders, and arms at one end and the legs and feet at the other. It affects virtually every other part of the body. The lower back withstands the worst of bending, stooping, sitting, twisting, and lifting. Because the lower back is extremely flexible, it is highly susceptible to injuries. Besides injuries and trauma, often-cumulative stress, strain, and years of poor posture, sedentary lifestyle and poor body mechanics are the culprits of lower back disorders. Depending on the physical therapist examination and evaluation, a back therapeutic program will almost certainly incorporate strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises; manual therapy; postural corrections, and body mechanics training. It may also include heat or cold applications, soft tissue mobilization, massage, and traction.

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